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Grain Bins

  • FLEX-vey Auger
Customizable auger fill system
The FLEX-vey auger fill system allows a truly custom system to meet specific application needs. With a wide selection of basic components, and our ability to design custom solutions, you can have the most efficient and cost effective system delivering feed to your flocks for years of trouble free operation.

FLEX-vey offers the versatility of using single or tandem bin installations, and can provide single, double or triple systems into the house. Whatever your fill system needs, FLEX-vey offers the right combination for you.

Important Advantages
Carry feed from feed tanks to the house, moving up to 17,000 lbs. (7,700 kg) of feed per hour
Single or tandem bin installations and can be built as single or double systems
Customized to meet your needs
High quality and extremely flexible spring steel
Feed can be transported into the house around bends of up to 90° safely, quickly and without feed separation
Universal application for each type of house
Fast and easy assembly Feed Bins
For secure feed storage
Big Dutchman feed hopper bins are designed to store flowable, noncorrosive material with 50 pound/cubic foot (800.9 kg/m3) bulk maximum density. The feed bins come in 3 standard sizes of 6, 9 and 12 feet in diameter. Each of the 3 sizes is available in 1 to 4 rings. The 12’ bin is also available with 5 or 6 rings.

Important Advantages
G115 galvanized coating provides a 28% greater protection and longer life than the market standard G90 bins
Unique lid design opens 180°, keeping it out of the way of potential damage during filling
Super engineering grade reflective tape at the peak opening allows for easy identification of the fill area at night
Drip edge at bottom of sidewall sheets minimizes potential moisture down the hopper sheets and into the boot area
The clearance under the outlet collar is 33.5” – providing plenty of room for unloader accessories
All bin wall sheets are of corrugated, galvanized steel with 2.66:” (67.56mm) corrugation
Crimp at room follows the contour of the sidewall sheet ensuring protection from the elements
Ladder brackets have contours that match the corrugation of the sidewall sheets for maximum strength and safety
A roof ladder from eave to the peak is standard
Sealer strip is provided for all roof seams
Safety cages for ladders are available for the 9′ and 12′ bins


    Feed Bins & Conveying Big Dutchman knows that it takes a lot to feed your pigs. That’s why we offer top of the line products to help you store your feed and easily transport it into your barns. Click...

  • Levalert. Why Climb? Monitoring bin levels has never been this fast and easy! In just one glance, you can instantly see if the granular material in your bin is above or below the level of the LevALERT® Indicator, all while keeping both feet safely on the ground


      Model 9700-7  For use with materials such as: Wheat Corn Soybeans Rice Canola Pellets Wheat Corn Soybeans Rice Canola Pellets   Optional Micro Switch Specifications  SPDT Rated voltage: 125 VAC 3A 250 VAC...

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  • WESTEEL SeedStor-K Hopper Bottom Bins

    WESTEEL SeedStor-K Hopper Bottom Bins

    Westeel SeedStor-K Hopper Bottom Bins, ideal for grain and seed storage, are easy to ship and assemble. Super fast, controlled unloading capabilities, incredible strength and affordable. Call for pre-season pricing and additional details!

  • WESTEEL Stiffened Grain Bins

    WESTEEL Stiffened Grain Bins

    For strength, durability and long-term value, Westeel stiffened bins can't be beat. Designed for smaller commercial operations and large farms, we use the exclusive Variable Section Stiffener (VSS) to achieve the maximum load possible out of each pound...

  • WESTEEL Unstiffened Grain Bins

    WESTEEL Unstiffened Grain Bins

    Westeel's Wide-Corr® grain bins are engineered for exceptional clean out, superior strength and unbeatable versatility. Built without interior or exterior stiffeners, Wide-Corr® Farm Series grain bins are made of heavy gauge ultra-flat 4"...

  • WESTEEL Welded Hopper Cones

    WESTEEL Welded Hopper Cones

    Welded Hopper Cones Westeel Welded Hopper Cones ASK AN EXPERT Designed to match our Wide-Corr® Farm Series and Standard-Corr bins, Westeel welded hopper cones feature pressed cone sheets for extra strength. With tens of thousands in...