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  • WESTEEL SeedStor-K Hopper Bottom Bins

    WESTEEL SeedStor-K Hopper Bottom Bins

    Westeel SeedStor-K Hopper Bottom Bins, ideal for grain and seed storage, are easy to ship and assemble. Super fast, controlled unloading capabilities, incredible strength and affordable. Call for pre-season pricing and additional details!

  • WESTEEL Stiffened Grain Bins

    WESTEEL Stiffened Grain Bins

    For strength, durability and long-term value, Westeel stiffened bins can't be beat. Designed for smaller commercial operations and large farms, we use the exclusive Variable Section Stiffener (VSS) to achieve the maximum load possible out of each pound...

  • WESTEEL Unstiffened Grain Bins

    WESTEEL Unstiffened Grain Bins

    Westeel's Wide-Corr® grain bins are engineered for exceptional clean out, superior strength and unbeatable versatility. Built without interior or exterior stiffeners, Wide-Corr® Farm Series grain bins are made of heavy gauge ultra-flat 4"...

  • WESTEEL Welded Hopper Cones

    WESTEEL Welded Hopper Cones

    Welded Hopper Cones Westeel Welded Hopper Cones ASK AN EXPERT Designed to match our Wide-Corr® Farm Series and Standard-Corr bins, Westeel welded hopper cones feature pressed cone sheets for extra strength. With tens of thousands in...