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Farrowing ,Breeding & Gestation Crates

  • BDFlex


    BDFlex Breeding stall with easy access gate The BDFlex breeding stall is where the production of healthy piglets begins. The Big Dutchman BDFlex breeding stall allows you to easily access individual sows while keeping...

  • EasySlider Pro
Individual feeding in the farrowing pen
The EasySlider Pro is a computer-controlled feeding system for sows in farrowing pens. It is mounted underneath the volume dispenser and allows the sow to choose when to eat. The sow only has to nudge a pendulum inside the feed pipe and a serving is dispensed. After a time, she can request her next portion and it will be dispensed.

Important Advantages
Fewer Feed Losses – individual feeding results in virtually no old feed remaining in the trough
Improved Hygiene – the feed in the trough is always fresh!
Less Stress for Sows and Piglets – whisper-quiet operation keeps from disturbing other barn inhabitants
Increased Livability in Piglets – removing a universal feed time eliminates the excitement and bedlam that occurs among sows at “meal time”, improving piglet safety
Health Monitoring – the requested feed quantity per sow per day can be set and checked using BigFarmNet, providing an excellent overview of each sow’s intake and eating behavior
Improved Sow Condition – allowing the sow to eat as she is hungry provides better nutrition for a nursing sow, leading to improved body condition
Low Maintenance – dispensing unit can be removed and the feed pipe is open at the upper end requiring low maintenance
Total Control – the entire system is controlled by BigFarmNet
High Return on Investment BDSWING
Flexible farrowing system
The BDSWING was created with careful consideration for each piece of the farrowing process. Our specially designed crate can be installed in several positions, allowing for easy retrofitting of an existing space. More room for scampering piglets increases livability and comfort. The adjustable crate means you can house both smaller gilts and larger mature sows. Different heating options allow you to create the perfect environment for both piglets and sows, who will comfortably enjoy their time with the BDSWING. In addition, when paired with our EasySlider Pro feeding system, your farrowing sows can decide when they’d like to eat which will improve their overall body condition.

Important Advantages
Creep Area – A more defined nest area for piglets helps improve their safety and comfort
Piglet Saver Bars – Maximize your numbers by ensuring piglet safety as they move about the crate
Heating – Hot water or electric heat pads, heat lamps and the BDCOVER can be used together or independently to keep your piglets at an ideal temperature
Hydration – Multiple drinker options allow for easy access to fresh water
Adjustability – One crate side adjusts in width and the door can be adjusted to lengthen the crate if needed
Comfort – Cast iron flooring ensures safe footing for the sow while the plastic flooring provides a warm and comfotable surface for the piglets
Stress Free – One crate side swings open wide allowing for a stress free entry and exit for each sow
Accessibility – All areas of the crate are easily accessed by workers
Improved Hygiene – Because each area of the pen is so easy to access, workers can clean the crates quickly and without hassle
Better Visibility – If using the BDCOVER, piglets can be checked quickly by simply flipping the lid on the cover


    Farrowing can be a stressful time for sows and piglets alike. That’s why we’ve spent time researching and developing farrowing equipment that will allow sows and piglets to spend this time together comfortably and safely, increasing your...



    Free Access Stall For use in insemination and waiting areas The Free Access Stall developed by Big Dutchman provides animal friendly housing for the sows and optimal working conditions for the farm staff. It can be used...

  • Quarter Stall
Feeding stalls for group sow housing
Supplying the right housing and feeding systems for sows in gestation plays an important role in economic success. Quarter stalls are a simple and economic way to provide group housing and can be easily fit to your farm’s individual requirements.

Important Advantages
All sows eat at the same time
Sows can easily be supervised during feeding times
Sows do not need any training for this system
No aggression during feeding
Feeding space is 45 – 55 cm (17.72 – 21.65 inches) wide
Simple pen arrangement
Cost-effective solution Pen Gestation
Make the move to group sow housing
Group housing can provide the best environment for your animals when managed properly. Pen gestation allows sows freedom to move, social interaction and increased comfort. Records of sow farms who have made the transition to group housing document top reproductive performance and lower sow mortality rates because sows thrive in the group environment.

Important Advantages
Allows sows freedom to move and the comfort of living in a group environment
Gives sows social interaction
Increases reproductive performance
Lower sow mortality rates
Electronic Sow Feeding allows you to manage your sow’s feed intake individually


    Due to the growing concern for animal welfare, legislation banning gestation stalls is being passed throughout the world. While conventional gestation stalls are still available, group housing of pregnant sows, or ‘pen gestation’, has become...